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Thriving Despite Grief
PAT SHARP, PH.D. Grief Counseling For Individuals & Families
Author's Books

Here are some helpful resources for you to purchase separately.

These books have been received the Readers' Favorite Five Star Award   

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 Journeys Through Grief: With and Without God
                   The very personal and revealing story of the author's journey through
                   the loss of two husbands. The second loss, with God in her life, results
                   in a startling and utterly amazing difference in her grieving.
Click here to purchase the companion workbook for the Webinar from Amazon.com.


                  The Alive Again! Program. 
                  The workbook provides you with a series of helpful exercises as you
                  work through the 7 Steps of Letting Go of Your Grief and Living Again.

  Click on the video below to see my book reading for Journeys Through Grief.